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 TOKYO SUPER DEVICE is a premier global leader in components sourcing and distribution. We serviced for local and global companies and offer quick and effective solutions to fulfill the procurement needs of OEMs and EMS. We is committed to sourcing the best quality products in the world and at the best cost.We always keep in mind that the quality is most important in this industry so we maintains high quality standards for all incoming products.Thanks to this comprehensive Supply Chain Management and Quality Control System let us continue to grow.


We are a company that offers a wide range of integrated circuit components, providing highest service and best quality parts and the most competitive quotations and fast delivery time. We have a large number of hot-selling or discontinued capacitors in stock, from some internationally renowned companies such as Murata, TDK, Nichicon, and Taiyo. We have a large number of stable and reliable channel of capacitor which can help you solve the problem of out of stock or long lead time order. In addition, in 2019 our company also introduced stable and reliable sources of Altera and XILINX Manufactory parts. Altera and XILINX are the best FPGA manufacturers in the mainstream. FPGA products are not only used in communications, video, information processing, but also in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, Industrial control, test and measurement, large super data and other fields. Altera and XILINX are also working to reduce the power consumption of their products to meet the increasingly demanding low power requirements of the industry. In future technology and industry trends, FPGA products can play a bigger role. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope we have the opportunity to cooperate.



Our company work with over hundred recognised and verified suppliers. Additionally, we serviced for many local OEM’s these relationships give us fast and reliable access to obtain their authenticated excess stock with supreme price.


Our rigorous selection process and continuous training and development program mean that each client receives the highest standards of customer service from each of our teams.


We have more than one hundred test equipment can test many parts. It can help us avoid bad quality parts and only ship good function parts to our customer.



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